Our Story

On a Starry night, Coolar Bear was born in Kaffeklubben Island off the terrestrial North pole. In Kaffeklubben, ice was aplenty and with Coolar bear’s creativity, he created Coolgurt that is healthy, cool and most importantly blends well with Uniquely Singapore.

Amongst his creation, Coolgurt comprises of a whole range of flavours and some of its specialty includes:

  • Klubben Whilte (Natural)
  • Fragaria Pink (Strawberry)
  • Tropicana Yellow (Mango)
  • Persica Peach (Peach)
  • Litchy Ivory (Lychee)
  • Vitis Purple (Grape)
  • Bilberry Indigo (Blueberry)
  • Poma Green (Green Apple)

All of these are exclusively found in Coolgurt and Coolar Bear is very sure that you will enjoy it as much as he does. To have a taste of the delicious and healthy yogurt, click here to order.


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